CryptoParty 2018 Participant Registration
Thank you for your interest!

Due to silly little concerns like "can we feed everyone?" or "are we in violation of fire codes?" we've locked the event's registration. Thank you to those who registered!

Concerns? Please feel free to reach out to us at
Thank you!
PLEASE NOTE AS OF NOW ONLY GMU STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED TO REGISTER. We've gotten an influx of people from outside GMU and want to ensure we accommodate those on campus first and foremost. You'll get an email and registration deleted otherwise.

What's your name? *

Are you 18 or older? *

Are you a GMU student? *

What technologies do you consider yourself familiar with?

If you haven't heard of any of these, it's fine! It's just for content purposes.

Please rate your confidence you'll be attending if possible.

Optional, 1 means "It's highly unlikely, 5 means "I know now I'm going". If waiting a little helps, feel free to come back to this form later. By the week of the event you should probably submit though.

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